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How to Install - Trim

Backsplash Installation

Outlet Cover Installation

Fasade Trims Installation

  • Adhere J-trims using double-sided tape or tube adhesive. Inside corners don't require any adhesive. They stay secure as two backsplash panels connect to them.
  • If the area to be covered ends on a flat wall, and you desire to finish the cut edge of the last panel, it can be done by using a piece of matching Edge J-Trim. This trim piece slides onto the cut edge of the panel.
  • If you have an inside corner, we recommend using a piece of matching Inside Corner Trim. See drawing below.

Aspect Edge Trim Installation

  • The 24" matching trims are designed to provide a finished edge for your backsplash project.
  • Simply measure the length of the edge you want to finish and cut the trim to that length using a utility knife, hobby knife or tin snips.
  • Remove the release film on the reverse (unfinished) sides and press into the exposed edge of the Aspect backsplash tiles.
  • The notch goes over the tiles. See illustration below.