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Chrome J-Trim

Fasade Chrome J-Trims are used to provide a professionally finished edge for your backsplash project.
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Backsplash Styles and Designs


Modern design signifies a sense of style that recognizes beauty in simplicity. The Modern style features sleek, streamlined designs that reflect your clean, functional sensibility for everyday living. These modern backsplash designs are just right for your contemporary decor. 13 distinctive, modern backsplash styles are available - each one offered in many colors.


Classic designs from yesteryear. These styles replicate many turn-of-the-century patterns found in metal stamped ceilings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These backsplash designs are perfect for your time-honored or historic home decor. 5 unique, traditional backsplash styles are available - each one offered in many colors.


Our Industrial styles feature designs that are both optimistic and vitally innovative. The patterns are either new or rediscovered configurations that blend art and engineering. These straightforward, modern backsplash designs are a great match for your industrial-looking interior design. 6 outstanding, industrial stylebacksplashes are available - each one offered in many colors.