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Looking for backsplash options?

Our metal or glass backsplash tiles and faux tin backsplash panels are a perfect DIY solution to add beauty and value to your home.

Aspect glass backsplash tiles are available in six modern, unique colors, these beautifully translucent artisan glass tiles are the clear choice for the inspired do-it-yourselfer. Just peel and stick for instant style and radiance — there’s no need to worry about the mess of grout or the hassle of hiring a tile installer.

Aspect metal backsplash tiles offer an affordable, easy to install backsplash idea that doesn't include any of the drawbacks of a custom metal installation. Aspect does not require any adhesive, as they’re peel and stick. There is no grout, mortar or expensive tile saw needed as with ceramic tiles. These metal tiles are a great backsplash option for the discerning homeowner.

Our Fasade faux tin backsplash panels are water, impact and stain resistant, at a fraction of the price of other materials such as stamped tin, metal or aluminum. These plastic backsplash panels, manufactured from thermoformed PVC, have a hot-foil laminate finish that achieves the look of real metal. Traditional, modern and industrial styles are available in 18 unique finishes for over 250 unique combinations. Fasade faux tin backsplash is easy to install, affordable and available in a style and finish you will love.