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Backsplash Installation - Backsplash Ideas Products

Aspect Backsplash Installation

Applying metal to your backsplash has never been easier — simply peel, stick, and enjoy. By following these simple instructions, you will obtain a sleek, modern space in just a matter of hours.

Aspect Layout Patterns

Aspect metal tiles can be arranged in many different patters, giving you the ability to add dimension and shine to your walls and kitchen backsplash. We have suggested some application patterns here, but feel free to use your imagination to create the perfect space.

Aspect Herringbone Pattern Installation

These instructions are intended to help you lay out and design a herringbone pattern.

Fasade Backsplash Installation

Fasade Faux Tin Backsplash Installation

Add instant value to your kitchen without the need or high cost of a contractor. Install our Fasade backsplash panels in just three trouble-free steps: measure/cut, apply, and enjoy. Learn all the tips to applying a flawless Fasade backsplash.

Fasade Wall Panel Installation

View instructions for wall panel installation.

Trim and Outlet Cover Installation


Adding trims to Fasade or Aspect backsplash gives a finished look to your kitchen project.

Outlet Laminates

Apply the laminates to all outlet covers to help blend them into your Fasade or Aspect backsplash.